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Click to visit VeggieCooking.com "I believe there's a cure for cancer and AIDS..."
"...sitting in a laboratory somewhere," a friend told me back in 1987, "but it would cost too much to let it out."  I agreed it was possible.  A cure would dry up lucrative research grants the diseases have provided to both independent and corporate scientists.  And if cures couldn't be patented, or were patented by only one company, several pharmaceutical corporations would lose their huge profits from pricey AIDS and chemo drugs.  It seemed feasible in the Reagan/Bush decade of shameless corporate greed.*

[Posted 21 May 2002, Last update 1 March 2009] (NOTE: People looking for the protocol I used when I thought I had cancer can find that information on my page on alternative cancer treatments, although I used a Hulda Clark zapper heavily and would also recommend reading this page, along with my page on Dr. Joel Wallach and the genetic fad, for more information on the Clark zapper.)

At the time, I didn't realize that alternative medicine had been providing solutions to cancer for decades, only to be marginalized or shut down by the prevailing medical establishment and government under the guise of "quackery".  Herbal tonics and macrobiotic diets, among other approaches, have helped or cured cancer victims for the past century and beyond.

Hulda Clark teaching syncrometer class at 2003 Rife Conference Last year (2001), a new friend told me that a book by the research scientist Hulda Regehr Clark, The Cure for All Diseases (1995), had saved her life.  Clark is most famous for her electronic inventions and cures for cancer and AIDS, but to understand the true scientific genius and historical significance of Hulda Clark, an explanation of one of her predecessors, Royal Raymond Rife, is in order.

Royal Raymond Rife was a scientist working in the 1920s and 30s, famous for inventions which might be considered "space age" by today's standards. (His cancer-curing Rife machine was called the "Beam Ray Tube" after all). Rife managed to make huge advances in medical science, among them a cancer cure found to be 100% effective, curing even the most advanced cancer in 90 days or less during clinical trials in La Jolla, California. Books have been written on Rife (Barry Lynes' are highly recommended), and the Rife research group in Canada has produced an excellent 2-video series, The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius; The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife, using audio recordings and a few film clips of Rife. Other than quotes in early interviews with the press, these audiotaped quotes may be the only surviving direct quotes from Rife today.

There were numerous cures for cancer dating back to the early 1900s with varying degrees of success -- Dr. Hoxsey's herbal formulas, Dr. Virginia Livingston's cancer vaccine, Dr. Johanna Budwig's flaxseed oil and sulphured protein diet, Dr. Lorainne Day's vegan raw foods diet & health program, and Dr. Sebi's powerful herbal cleanses, among many others.  But Rife's cure used something entirely different -- radio waves.

After Rife built a series of extremely powerful microscopes, sometimes called "virus microscopes" because they could show living viruses, Rife experimented with various wavelengths to find a frequency able to kill pathogens while leaving human tissue untouched.  Rife found these wavelengths to be in the radio spectrum.  These specific frequencies would cause pathogens to vibrate apart, which Rife called "harmonic resonance" -- namely, the radio waves would vibrate an organism until the crystalline structure of its proteins would shatter.  Finding the proper frequencies to kill each disease required tedious notch-by-notch experimentation, and Rife's research went well beyond simply finding the correct radio frequencies for each pathogen.  Rife's microscopes were key to finding the correct frequencies, as it was necessary to observe pathogens while subjecting them to various frequencies.

"The thing that brought me into it more quickly than anything was a man who had a cancer of the stomach. This was a man who staggered into a table, just on the vast end of cancer. He was a bag of bones. And as he lay on the bed, Dr. Rife and Dr. Milbanks Johnson said, 'Just feel that man's stomach, doctor.' So I put my hand on his stomach, which was one solid hard mass, about just what I could cover with my hand. And it was absolutely solid! And I thought, 'Well, nothing can be done for that.' However, they gave him a treatment of the Rife frequencies, and in the course of time -- to my astonishment -- he completely recovered."
- Dr. James B. Couche, describing the Scripps clinical trials, from audiotape recording of Dr. Couche in The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius; The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife (audio quotes of Couche from video).

Like so many other pivotal discoveries in science, the principles behind Rife's super-microscopes were simple yet ingenius. For example, the microscopes never crossed light beams, as according to Rife, light diffraction is responsible for the lower resolutions seen in standard research microscopes.  Rife also used rotating quartz prisms to "stain" microorganisms with monochromatic light, causing them to fluoresce in their own color instead of staining them with chemical dyes. Rife claimed that dyes would not only kill viruses, but often couldn't adhere to viruses at all because their molecular structure was simply too large to bond to the smaller organisms.

Through his advanced microscopes, Rife was able to show pleomorphism, something suspected by scientists at the time, but unproven until Rife's microscopes were available. (More detail on Rife is available on my page on the Genetic Fad.) Pleomorphism meant that growing an organism in a different type of culture may yield a different organism entirely, and pleomorphic relationships were found between organisms such as TB and cancer, or polio and strep. (Pleomorphism is probably the reason that so many different cures for cancer work -- alter the body's composition through diet or other means, and the body becomes the correct or incorrect environment for cancer to grow. Rife said that he believed the body's pH was involved in cancer.) Although the organism responsible for cancer was difficult to isolate at first, the media developed by Arthur Kendall of Northwestern University gave Rife the culture he needed to grow the organism that Rife would prove was involved in cancer -- a virus that caused cancer tumors when injected into laboratory animals.  Rife also found a radio wave frequency which would successfully attack and kill the same virus.  A landmark study in La Jolla, California in 1934 cured 100% of the 16 advanced cancer and tuberculosis patients given to Rife for the experiment. 

"It was a general conclusion that what happened originated from more than one source and for multiple reasons. One, without question, from our review of case histories is that there is a conspiracy to suppress competition in the health business and especially in the cancer area because it would represent such historic fame and prestige for the individual or organization who cured the disease."
- Ben Suarez, "The 'No Hunger Bread Atrocity'" as reprinted in Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau, Elk Grove Village, IL: Alliance Publishing Group Inc., 2004, p. 510.

Click to visit VeggieCooking.com With a Rife machine meaning that only pennies in electricity could cure cancer and numerous other diseases, possibly signifying much less profitability in the medical field, Rife and those working on the experiment were almost immediately attacked by the AMA and governmental agencies. (This is why Morris Fishbein of the AMA is often called a bigger mass murderer than Hitler and Stalin combined -- many attribute every cancer death since the 1930s to the suppression of Rife technology.) Rife's cure for cancer was shut down before it become widely available, as covered in Barry Lynes' books.  Since then, many of Rife's lab notes have been lost or destroyed, and his microscopes have disappeared (other than one he built for England before World War II, which managed to survive in a museum). Manufacturers and repair shops dealing with Rife machines are occasionally raided by the US government, and although only a few thousand dollars will buy a Rife machine today, you have to know which frequencies to use. About 2 years ago, one of Jeff Rense's radio shows detailed how an old Rife machine was found walled off in a secret room of a former medical building being demolished. When turned on, the frequencies emitted were higher than expected -- possibly even in ranges not allowed by the FCC today. This led people to believe that perhaps the lab notes still available from Rife weren't complete enough to know all of the frequencies he used. I also read an internet article claiming that Rife used a pulser in his original machine, an item that Hulda Clark found necessary because of the skin's increased resistance when using electrodes. Rife didn't use electrodes though -- he used tubes of argon gas excited with his frequencies. The engineers working with him had rejected electrodes, as they found electrodes didn't have good penetration like argon tubes excited with the frequencies.

Decades later, a PhD in cell physiology and former government research scientist, Hulda Clark, entered into private research.  Unlike Rife, Clark didn't invent or use super-microscopes -- she didn't need them. One of her first inventions was the Syncrometer, a simple radio circuit device which allowed her to detect an organism or substance by exploiting the principle that two positives in a radio circuit give resonance. And so she was able to detect organisms or pollutants in a living body with radio resonance alone. But Clark is best known for another radio frequency device, the Zapper.

The Zapper, no doubt her most popular invention, was an improvement over Rife's radio frequency for one simple reason -- its positive-offset wave. The positive-offset wave, like many other great inventions in science, was at first an accidental discovery. Clark, like Rife, was using a frequency generator to kill various parasites and viruses/bacteria in patients at her research clinic. However, Clark had already discovered a shortcut over Rife -- instead of tedious experimentation to find the right radio frequency for each pathogen, she discovered that blasting an organism's own frequencies back at it wouldn't kill an organism immediately, but the organism would never recover. And so Clark was already approximating Rife's frequency research with a different yet more effective approach.

The zapper came about when Clark's son decided to build a battery-operated frequency generator in order to help Clark's patients kill the Human Intestinal Fluke (Fasciolopsis buskii), a parasite that Clark said her syncrometer always detected in the liver of cancer victims. However, when the battery-powered generator was first used, all detected pathogens were killed at once. Clark said that this had never happened before, and that after further experimentation, they discovered that battery operation itself was responsible for this amazing breakthrough. Namely, battery operation meant that the frequency went from positive to zero voltage, instead of positive to negative voltage as in the A/C powered generators. This was Clark's famous positive-offset wave, meaning that finding the specific frequency to kill each pathogen is no longer necessary. Simply using a frequency in the range that kills microorganisms, with a positive offset wave, will kill or devitalize a wide variety of microorganisms -- parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi -- in about an hour.  Clark's books contain instructions on how to build a zapper from parts at Radio Shack, or zappers can be purchased already made from sites on the internet such as drclark.com.

Clark became a naturopathic doctor in order to treat people with her new electronic inventions at her research clinic in Mexico, while also using herbs and other supplements.  Her books include powerful cleanses along with practical guidelines and protocols for anyone trying her methods.  Clark's cleanses are very good, and it's amazing that someone involved in traditional science could also provide such good naturopathic remedies as well. Clark is especially known for a high success rate in treating both cancer and AIDS.  She deals with pollutants, pathogens, and mutagens that can cause these diseases.  Of particular interest are 3 organisms she feels are responsible for cancer:  Fasciolopsis buskii (a parasite), Clostridium (a bacteria), and SV-40 (a virus).  Her protocols include herbal cleanses and zapping, dietary changes, pollutant avoidance, and dental cleanup.

We have all believed that cancer is a single disease.  That a malignant cell starts it all.  This is not true.  Cancer is two diseases.  Malignancy is the second and last disease to set in.  By curing this last disease, (malignancy), as we did in The Cure for All Cancers, the earlier disease becomes visible.  This earlier, first disease is tumor-growing.  It is a distinct and different disease from malignancy.  We have also believed that tumors, unless they are malignant, need not be feared, that they may be called benign, implying safety.  This is like a zebra on the African plains believing that a lion who is standing very still, nearby, need not be feared.  This, again, not true.  -  (The Cure for All Advanced Cancers (1999), p. 7)

An older model special-order hands-free model zapper Clark sees cancer as two diseases.  First, a tumor develops, and then it is invaded by malignancy.  Often bacteria from the teeth are involved.  Her protocols to reduce the tumor, even before malignancy sets in, is covered in her book The Cure for All Advanced Cancers.  Her book on advanced cancer is especially comprehensive, dealing with problem cases that her research clinic has encountered and attempted to cure, apparently with a very high success rate, almost 100%.

Clark also claims that many other diseases, including diabetes, allergies, epilepsy/seizures, Crohn's disease, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and many more are parasite-related, and gives her own protocols developed at her research clinic for their treatment.  Many of these disorders require lifestyle changes as well as elimination of parasites, each having its own individual group of causes.  For example, in 1993, before it was common knowledge that aspartame (an artificial sweetener used in Nutra-Sweet) had many adverse side effects, Clark was already warning against using it:

"Notice also that wood alcohol accumulates in the pancreas causing the pancreatic fluke, which is also abundant in our meat supply, to increase its population in the pancreas.  This would soon give him diabetes.  What an irony that diabetics use artificial sweeteners (which contain wood alcohol) to HELP their diabetes, thereby putting wood alcohol into the pancreas to make their diabetes WORSE." - Hulda Clark, N.D., Ph.D. (The Cure for All Cancers: Including over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured, pp. 334-35)

Clark's anti-parasite herbs:   Black walnut hull tincture, freshly ground cloves, and wormwood Clark's theories aren't necessarily at odds with other approaches in alternative medicine.  In fact, often her protocols can simply be added to other methods of treatment.  Personally, if I had cancer or any other serious disease, I'd want to increase my odds by using as many credible approaches as possible. 

Although many in the alternative health field haven't yet accepted Clark, Clark is very open to others' techniques in the alternative field.  While Clark's theories may seem to conflict with some, she doesn't dismiss anyone's findings.  If something helps a patient, she's interested -- a true research scientist, wanting to investigate new information.  She believes there are many different herbal combinations that could cure cancer and its parasites, not just her own, and even took time to admire an herbal treatment prescribed to one of her patients 40 years prior:

"She had bone cancer 40 years ago and was treated at the Hoxsey Clinic for it.  This clinic was shut down soon after her visit.  It was considered quackery.  She has stayed on their herb recommendations and been health conscious ever since... This very pleasant woman apparently recovered from bone cancer decades ago!  A case like this should have been followed by the National Cancer Institute to verify all the facts and not miss finding out what was responsible for her survival."  - Hulda Clark, N.D., Ph.D. (The Cure for All Cancers: Including over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured, pp. 243-44)

Click to visit MercuryPoisoned.com After reading her books, I decided to try some of Clark's techniques personally. Although I'm a vegan, an auto accident in 1998 has left me with a number of lingering health problems.  I wanted to see if Clark's techniques helped at all, and also just wanted to try something I'd read about and liked.  So far I have used her parasite cleanse, zapper, liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, borax-based "soap", and (not yet complete) replacement of metal fillings with the plastic variety.  I noticed that each improved my health in its own way.  The zapper is particularly impressive -- it's a gentle electronic device that generates a frequency to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses in the body.  It was painless and only runs on a 9 volt battery, but saved me from a horrible bronchial flu one night, in less than an hour.  The liver cleanse is also very powerful.  I didn't try all of Clarks' cleanses overnight, of course.  Instead I tried each one at a time, and then was pleased enough with the results to try something else.  For example, after trying the zapper and finding it worked very well, I moved onto the parasite and liver cleanses.  The liver cleanse was dramatic and successful, and made me feel much more energetic.  So I moved onto the kidney cleanse, and so on.  It's difficult to make so many changes at once, and I'm not seriously ill, so I have the luxury of time to GRADUALLY try Clark's recommendations.  Obviously, others do not, and her book is full of people who needed to clean up pollutants in their home, go on the parasite cleanse, and have tooth metal removed, all in the fastest way possible.

There are pros and cons to any treatment, of course, and I have noticed that Clark's protocols don't have a particularly aggressive nutritional element. With so many nutritional programs having good results in cancer treatment (for example, Lorainne Day's program, Gerson therapy, the Budwig diet, etc.), and with pleomorphism meaning that the body's chemistry allowed the cancer to grow, it only seems logical that better nutrition has to be incorporated into the treatment for cancer patients. Diet brought a patient cancer, and the same diet will bring them cancer again if continued -- doing the same thing isn't going to give different results. (Personally, I feel that the reason Clark's success rate is lower than Rife's is because Rife's experiments occurred back in the 1930s, when children weren't begging to eat "happy" meals just to get a toy, and people weren't eating many of their meals from boxes and fast food wrappers. Americans' nutrition is very poor -- nothing like the diets of my parents and grandparents, who would eat fresh cucumbers and squash straight from their gardens.) Also, the penetrating power of the zapper is an issue. Royal Rife's engineers rejected the electrode model because they felt its penetration wasn't as good as Rife's argon bulb method. I have found that the zapper isn't powerful enough in some cases, depending on the flu or other illness. Often the zapper will help somewhat (like eliminating the fever, but leaving the bronchial symptoms), and herbs (for example, Oreganol) are needed to finish off the last couple of symptoms. Sometimes I find that zapping once a day for several days in a row helps (a method that Clark recommends for difficult illnesses like AIDS), and sometimes the zapper can only seem to give temporary relief. However, I have found the zapper helps more often than not, at least in my case.

In my personal experience, I had an illness in 2004 which I felt at the time may have been cancer, and I may write more about that particular experience in the future. At the time my diet was very poor -- it's easy to let weeks go by without taking care of yourself when life presents its challenges -- and had almost no raw fruits or vegetables for weeks. I also had a pre-existing condition caused by a car accident, but I'll discuss all of that at another time if I decide to write an entire article about that particular episode. I treated myself as though it were cancer, and I found Clark's zapper to be quite helpful. Although the zapper didn't cure the problem immediately, I felt it helped me survive the emergency so that I had time to incorporate other things that accelerated my recovery. The zapper and Clark's parasite cleanse may have eventually worked by themselves if continued for weeks or months, but after years of curing illnesses in a day or two with my knowledge of herbal and alternative medicine, I didn't want to suffer any longer than necessary. I took steps such as eliminating all fried food and caffeine (from the Budwig diet and Joel Wallach's typical recommendations), taking 2-3 grams of vitamin C each day (from various Vitamin C cancer therapies), taking a good multi-vitamin including selenium, eating a lot of organic carrots & being sure to get a decent percentage of raw food each day, using flax oil and flaxseed meal as in the Budwig diet (this was what I felt accelerated my recovery the most), zapping and using the Clark parasite herbal cleanse, occasionally buying large servings of freshly-juiced vegetables with carrots, beets, celery, and greens, of course I was a vegan which probably gave me an advantage, possibly using Oreganol (I can't remember now whether I used that or not, but I may have), and receiving and self-treating with energy healing, among other things.

Despite Clark's outstanding credentials, years of research, and concern for patients' health, the US government and medical establishment have been trying to shut Clark down for years.  The challenge in America today isn't in curing cancer itself -- cancer was cured in 1934 by Royal Raymond Rife. The real fight is to integrate SUCCESSFUL cancer treatment into America's standard medical practices. For now, the mass murders of modern oncology wards are made only by greed, not by lack of technology. The best cancer doctors are outlaws in America, and those wanting to continue to practice must move their practices out of the country. Clark's research clinic was established in Mexico, and then shut down in a move by the US under NAFTA.  A Mexican court ruled it could be re-opened, but obviously many patients who would have been helped during that time were left to Clark's books for guidance.

Clark is very elderly, but the fight to establish her techniques as an option for cancer and AIDS treatment goes on.  Frankly, like Rife and all the other great cancer doctors, she would cost the pharmaceutical and medical corporations too much money.  And when it's money versus a patient's life, unfortunately money wins.  Once again, survival is left to those who can search for answers on their own, and have the bravery to try to save themselves.  Those leaving their fate to the profits of the medical establishment can pay a hefty price...

"This was a particularly tragic case.  [The patient died.]  His young children sat quietly in their chairs during the appointment, sensing the grave danger their father was in.  But he made jokes about my technical competence and devices instead of listening.  A friend who had gone through our cancer program successfully tried to encourage him at home.  He could have saved himself even at the last visit.  He had such great hopes for the bone transplant.  He was always talking about his exceptional oncologist and the great rapport and team work in the hospital.  It was as if he couldn't see that he was dying, although his preschool children saw it clearly."  - Hulda Clark, N.D., Ph.D. (The Cure for All Cancers: Including over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured, p. 236)

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*This "friend" was a former CIA agent who had worked at Hughes Aircraft during the 1960s, when the CIA was taking over the company and driving Hughes insane. Over years of knowing the man, I learned that he was working for his cousin at the time, the Chief Science Officer of Hughes Aircraft, a high-ranking CIA agent himself. Hughes was located in Southern California, not too far from Rife's old laboratory and Rife's 100% successful La Jolla cancer trials of the 1930s. I'm sure in the world of aerospace and classified science of the 1960s, Rife's work was occasionally discussed, especially since many of Rife's advances were in optics -- something of great interest to Hughes, with its satellite technology. In other words, it's most likely that my friend not only believed there was a cure for cancer and AIDS -- he knew.

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